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Webcam Software and Cloud Video surveillance
Cloud technologies have received an extraordinary development these days. They allow you to store huge amounts of information not on hard drives, but in special cloud storage in the global network. In this case, information will be available always and from anywhere in the world.

Cloud video surveillance is one of the most promising technologies along with video analytics. It enables remote monitoring. Using this technology, you can not worry while away, and control the technological processes at the enterprise, the work of employees and equipment, your own home, your children and household members. Monitoring can be carried out both from a specially created monitoring center and from your smartphone.

An important advantage of cloud video surveillance is the ability to combine cameras located at different sites in a single center. This makes it much easier to access video archives. The information will be stored in encrypted form in the data centers of the companies that have created cloud storage.

There are currently two types of cloud storage available to users. The former is provided by IP camera manufacturers and the latter by cloud developers. In the first case, the cloud works only with the provided equipment. The camera connects to the storage after it goes online using the Plug-and-Play principle. The second way to connect to cloud storage is universal. The user himself can choose the equipment that connects to the cloud, after registering on the resource. In this case, he will not depend on anyone.

The services provided by data centers allow companies to reduce operating costs and capital expenditures. The costs of maintaining and maintaining your own servers will not be required here. Cloud storage can be easily expanded as needed. In this case, the payment is taken only for the storage of the video archive.

As you can see, cloud video surveillance has significantly more advantages than disadvantages. This technology has no significant drawbacks, so it is being successfully used more and more widely.